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Y157 shunts a rake of wagons and G543 at Bendigo North Workshops 5/4/19

2019-04-05 25 0 667 YouTube

A bit of activity at the Bendigo North Workshops on the morning of the 5/4/19 with workshops pilot loco Y157 shunting a varied consist of BODX 2460 (missing the entirety of both sides), rail tractor RT37, CQRX 309 loaded with loco bogie frames, power van BVDY 51 and finally Pacific National's G543, missing the entirety of its' engine room roof. The G has been located here for the better part of six months at least looking to be receiving an overhaul, and its' refitted engine and turbocharger were visible in the engine bay. Please note that this entire sequence was filmed with my phone, so the image quality does suffer at times. Trains seen in order are: Y157 shunting If you like this video, click the like button and hit subscribe to be updated when I post! Best viewed in 4K (2160p) definition Follow me on Facebook! Want to see more of my videos? Subscribe at If it's the photos you're after, head to my Flickr site at