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A Traffic Controller on Crossroads (North Korea)

2013-04-27 1,458 139 424,725 YouTube

Korean title: 네거리초병 Subtitles: English Hardcoded North Korean Drama from 1986 Please subscribe for more insight in DPRK media and culture "This is a film about traffic safety. It starts off with a woman who has just been newly christened in her job as a Pyongyang traffic supervisor. On her first assignment, she encounters a man who is using his work truck for personal use, along with driving unsafely. She detains him before eventually finding out that he was delivering the washing machine to her house. She attempts to hide in another room, but the man sees her. She immediately feels guilty for her actions." Source: This movie belongs to Korea Film Export and Import Corporation 조선수출입사 Buy the movie: GREATEST NORTH KOREAN MOVIECLIPS: Kidnapped by South Korea (English Subtitles): Life in the USA (English Subtitles): A war criminal's regretful misdeeds (English Subtitles): North Korea as the "Axis of Evil" (English Subtitles): -- This is what happends if you insult the dignity of the Supreme Leadership! (Korean only): Kim Il Sung the Legendary Hero of Korea (Korean only): Meeting a young Kim Il Sung (Korean only): NORTH KOREAN ENTIRE ENGLISH MOVIES: Wolmi Island (1982) English Subtitles: Ask Yourself (1988) English Subtitles: The Country I saw (1988) English Subtitles: The Story of a Blooming Flower (1992) English Subtitles: On the Green Carpet (2001) English Subtitles: Nation and Destiny - The big North Korean movieserie (1991) English Subtitles: Don't forget to subscribe!