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Lab Rats: Elite Force | It's clutch time! | Official Disney XD UK

2016-11-16 657 21 162,165 YouTube

LAB RATS: ELITE FORCE Published on November 16th, 2016 IT'S CLUTCH TIME!!!! A show of strength doesn't go exactly to plan.... Watch Lab Rats: Elite Force on Disney XD UK or check out more Lab Rats videos here ► Subscribe for new Disney XD UK videos every day! ► Follow @DisneyXDUK on Instagram ► Like Disney XD UK on Facebook ► Check out our website for more fun and games ► Disney XD is home to some of the wildest, most out there, thrill packed shows on TV! Want Star Wars? We have Rebels and The Freemaker Adventures – and they are EXCLUSIVE! Want adventure? We are the home of Ultimate Spider-Man, Avengers Assemble and Guardians Of The Galaxy! Want the funniest cartoons? Wander Over Yonder, The 7D and Gravity Falls are providing the laughs on Disney XD? Want the best live action shows? Watch Kirky Buckets, Mighty Med and Mega Awesome Super Hacks with us! What happens when you mix super powers with super science? You get a super powerful team – known as the Lab Rats: Elite Force. When the Mighty Med super hero hospital is destroyed by evil villains, mastermind and billionaire Donald Davenport decides to create an elite team of crime fighting heroes. He brings together the bionic forces of Bree and Chase with the super powers of Kaz, Oliver and Skylar to form a butt-kicking, crime fighting team known as the Lab Rats: Elite Force. This Disney XD live-action comedy series is set in the bustling metropolis of Centium City and follows the Elite Force team as they vow to track down the villains and keep the world safe from harm. To fight the forces of evil – you need an elite force – so jump on in and join the Lab Rats: Elite Force – super heroes like no other. BREE DAVENPORT Bree is the first ever super-powered bionic human and the oldest member of the Elite Force. She is kind-hearted but reckless and super smart! Her super strength is her speed, she can run amazingly fast, so fast that when she is at top speed, you can’t even see her! In fact, she can do pretty much anything at super speed including talking, fighting, typing and even painting! She would make light work of any homework! CHASE DAVENPORT Chase is the smartest of the Elite Force, yet he is teased for being short, a nerd, and not being able to get a girlfriend. His super power is his amazing intelligence due to his large brain capacity which makes cracking codes, deciphering foreign languages and hacking computers pretty easy for this super smart bionic kid! KAZ Kaz is a super powered human and super hero in training who worked at the superhero hospital, Mighty Med, until it was destroyed by unknown super villains. Kaz joined forces with his bionic buddies Bree, and Chase as well as his fellow super hero friends, Oliver and Skylar to create the Elite Force, together they help protect the world! His cool super power is the ability to fly at super sonic speeds and can also shoot fire missiles out of his mouth! OLIVER Oliver is a super smart guy who worries about most things in life a lot more than his super hero pals and is often having to get them out of trouble. It’s no secret that Oliver has a huge crush on his fellow Elite Force team member, Skylar, and often tells her and anyone else who will listen! Oliver is super strong and can rip steel doors off their hinges and can also control water as well as shoot ice from his hands, luckily he’s ice cool and deals with all his extra special super powers with ease! SKYLAR STORM Skylar Storm is an alien superhero from the planet Caldera. She was once a great superhero until a super villain corrupted her powers and turned her evil. As a result, her friends Kaz and Oliver had her powers drained in order to free her. She is super fast and agile and even though she hasn’t got her super hero skills to fall back on, she does have her Elite Force friends to help her defeat the evil villains. DONALD DAVENPORT Donald Davenport is the adoptive father and the biological uncle of Adam, Bree, Chase and Daniel. Donald is a billionaire and a co-founder of Davenport Industries, he is incredibly smart, perfect, and better than everyone else, in fact he is often heard saying "I'm awesome!"