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BEST 'Blind Auditions' of 2015 | The Voice Global

2018-05-04 178 Dailymotion

You've decided which performances of 'The Voice' are THE BEST of 2015. Check out this compilation with 10 of the best Blind Auditions and watch more in the 'BEST OF 2015' playlist: compilation video features the following Blind Auditions:
1. Jordan Smith - 'Chandelier' (USA)
2. Krzysztof Iwaneczko - 'Nieznajomy' (POLAND)
3. Omer - 'All Of Me' (ARAB)
4. Jennie Lena - 'Who’s Loving You' (THE NETHERLANDS)
5. Renato Vianna - 'When a Man Loves a Woman' (BRASIL)
6. Nathan Hawes - 'Hold On We're Going Home' (AUSTRALIA)
7. Luis Pedraza - 'Wrecking Ball' (CHILE)
8. Stevie McCrorie - ‘All I Want’ (UNITED KINGDOM)
9. Jefferson Tadeo - 'Pegasus Fantasy' (PERU)
10. เปอติ๊ด ญาดา - 'Good times' (THAILAND)

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