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Tyrlop 1

Nation and Destiny - Part 1 (North Korea)

Korean title: 민족과 운명 제1부 최현덕편 제1부 English Subtitles Famous North Korean Movie Serie in 58 parts Part 1 of the Episode called "Choe Hyon Dok" ...

2013-06-18 0:00 0 YouTube

Dying for Kim Il Sung (North Korean movieclip)

Korean Language, no subtitles (only the song in the end) From the movie serie "Star of Korea" (조선의 별 / 朝鲜 明星 / везда Кореи / 朝鮮の星) 1980 Please help ...

2015-08-15 0:00 0 YouTube

Where are you, Dear General? [Subtitles]

Immortal Classic Masterpiece: "Where Are You, Dear General?" Korean title: 어디에 계십니까 그리운 장군님 불후의 고전적명작 《어디에 계십니까 그리운 장군님

2011-12-25 0:00 0 YouTube

On the Green Carpet (North Korea)

Korean title: 푸른 주단우에서 (Purun Chudanueso) Subtitles: English (Improved by me) North Korean Romantic-drama from 2001 Directors: Rim Chang-bom and ...

2013-02-27 0:00 0 YouTube

영어 번역자 필요! / Let's translate a North Korean movie to English!

조선 영화를 영어로 번역하는 데 도움 Dear viewer, Now time has come when this channel is asking all of you to help and participate in the translation of this ...

2017-06-23 0:00 0 YouTube