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The Internationale in Korean

Performed by the Merited Choir of the Korean People's Army.

2009-03-22 0:00 0 YouTube

Don't Ask My Name

Performed by Ri Kyong Suk of the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble.

2009-03-22 0:00 0 YouTube

We Are Waiting For Him - Kidaryosumnida

Song about the Korean people's profound love for Comrade Kim Jong Il.

2009-02-19 0:00 0 YouTube

"I Can't Tell You"

Song from a DPRK comedy film made in the early 1990s.

2009-02-19 0:00 0 YouTube

Revolutionary song from DPRK

Music video broadcast on Korean Central Television following the report on Comrade Kim Jong Il's on-the-spot guidance on March 20, 2009.

2009-03-21 0:00 0 YouTube