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Inside Politics: Alleged Russian spy's charm offensive

Alleged Russian spy Maria Butina revamps her image while awaiting trial, President Trump's strategy in Afghanistan, Independents look for an upswing in midterms...

2018-08-19 03:49 0 Dailymotion

Steven Seagal Pledges to Work for 'Peace' and 'Harmony' in New Role as Russian Special Representative

Actor Steven Seagal has been appointed special representative by the Russian Foreign Ministry....

2018-08-06 00:44 6,844 Dailymotion

People Are Baffled By Don McGhan's Cooperation With Russian Investigation

White House lawyer, Don McGahn voluntarily testified before the special counsel. President Donald Trump claims that McGahn was following his orders and represen...

2018-08-19 00:32 9 Dailymotion

Ana Navarro on Donald Trump flip-flops on Russian Election interference. #DonaldTrump #RussiaProbe

the donald donald trump show how much is donald trump worth donald trump entrepreneur clinton hillary rodham clinton clinton hillary hillary rodham bill and hil...

2018-08-17 09:48 9 Dailymotion

Russian Satellite's 'Abnormal Behavior' Troubles US State Department

Russian Satellite's 'Abnormal Behavior' Troubles US State Department U.S. officials have “serious concerns” that a Russian satellite may pose a threat to Am...

2018-08-16 01:01 35 Dailymotion