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Frasier - 7 of my favorite Scenes

including Hung specialist, It was an accident and Cliff:)

2010-10-15 0:00 0 YouTube

Homosexuality in Frasier

Portrayal of homosexuality in TV series Frasier.

2015-10-01 0:00 0 YouTube

Kelsey Grammer - Frasier Revival, Sideshow Bob, Theater Acting - Jim Norton & Sam Roberts

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2019-02-15 0:00 0 YouTube

50 Best Niles Crane Burns

50 of the best insults, repartees, and comebacks of Dr. Niles Crane from Frasier, one of the most underrated characters in comedy. All audio/visual content that ...

2018-09-18 0:00 0 YouTube

Frasier funny scene

2011-02-27 0:00 0 YouTube

Frasier - S11E20 - And Frasier Makes Three

Frasier - S11E20 - And Frasier Makes Three...

2018-06-06 22:08 1,159 Dailymotion

Frasier S3 E22 Frasier Loves Roz

Frasier S3 E22 Frasier Loves Roz...

2018-05-12 22:46 618 Dailymotion

Frasier S05 E01 - Frasiers Imaginary Friend

Frasier S05 E01 - Frasiers Imaginary Friend.Frasier brings back a supermodel girlfriend from his trip to Acapulco. Unfortunately, he has some trouble convincing...

2018-06-10 22:27 764 Dailymotion

Frasier S03E22 Frasier Loves Roz

Frasier,TV series,series,serial,row,sequence,range,Soap opera,pink,tv show,tv program,TV show,movie,picture,moving picture,film,documentary,documentary film,dep...

2018-05-13 22:46 5,436 Dailymotion

Frasier - S01-E04 - I Hate Frasier Crane

Dr. Frasier Crane, a successful Boston therapist, moves to Seattle to get a new start on life; he has a radio talk show, which he uses to relay his wit and wisd...

2018-02-08 22:45 1,129 Dailymotion