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iCarly Season 1 Episode 3 iDream of Dance Full Episode

After enduring Ms. Briggs' lesson on traditional Scottish folk dancing, Carly and Sam call for their viewers to send videos of their own dance routines. Soon en...

2018-05-24 24:29 16,212 Dailymotion

iCarly Season 1 Episode 2 iWant More Viewers Full Episode

Carly and Sam compete with Freddie and Spencer to see which team can increase the number of hits on Carly's website, using the most elaborate techniques availab...

2018-05-24 24:28 24,435 Dailymotion

icarly season 1 episode 19 iGot Detention

icarly season 1 episode 19 iGot Detentionicarly season 1 episode 19 iGot Detention...

2018-04-19 25:00 11,189 Dailymotion

iCarly Season 1 Episode 9 iWill Date Freddie Full Episode

CarlyC Sam and Freddie think it will be good for their show if it is critiqued; Carly insults an 11-year-old critic, and is worried he will give a bad review....

2018-06-04 24:25 8,661 Dailymotion

iCarly S03E09 iSaved Your Life


2017-07-31 24:31 26,137 Dailymotion