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Binge Watching North Korean TV Is Surreal — And Educational (HBO)

Subscribe to VICE News here: While the world watches North Korea compete in the Olympics, we binge-watched North ...

2018-02-23 0:00 0 YouTube

North Korea TV's makeover

North Korean state TV has experimented with an interesting new look for its main news bulletins, featuring - for a single day only.

2019-04-07 0:00 0 YouTube

Trump-Kim summit: North Korean TV presenter Ri Chun Hee hails historic meeting

North Korean TV presenter Ri Chun Hee hailed the security guarantees given by US President Donald Trump to North Korea and the signing of an agreement ...

2018-06-14 0:00 0 YouTube

USA in eyes of North Korean TV

2013-03-13 0:00 0 YouTube

The North Korean TV Star Standing Up To Kim Jong-Un

Celebrity Defector - Yeon-Mi Park: The North Korean defector who's become a TV Star in South Korea For similar stories see our North Korean Playlist: ...

2014-09-15 0:00 0 YouTube